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Defined Contribution and 401K Plan Services

  • Update employee and contribution records including compensation for plan year.
  • ADP and ACP non-discrimination testing.
  • Specialized new comparability profit sharing testing.
  • Top-heavy testing.
  • Section 415 limitation of contributions compliance testing.
  • Preparation of signature-ready Form 5500 Series.
  • Summary Annual Report.
  • Trust Accounting.
  • Employee plan year reporting conversion to accrual basis for Form 5500.
  • Plan consulting on compliance and design.


  • Plan design and consulting.
  • Plan Document.
  • Summary Plan Document.


  • Reconciliation of assets and participant records.
  • Review of Plan Document and Amendments.
  • Instruct client on transfer of assets from present investment company (if applicable).
  • Instruct new investment company on establishment of each employee’s account.
  • Employee plan year reporting conversion to accrual basis for Form 5500.
  • Consulting on issues that relate to the transfer of assets and takeover of the plan.
Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plan Services

Our ongoing, annual, actuarial services for DB plans consist of:

  • An actuarial valuation and report.
  • Preparation of signature ready IRS forms/filings (including an actuary certified Schedule SB).
  • Preparation of PBGC forms/filings.
  • AFTAP certification.
  • Annual funding notice (when required).
  • FASB financial liability disclosure compliance assistance (when requested).

In addition, for clients with both a 401(k) plan and a cash balance plan, we perform the IRS-required combined nondiscrimination testing.

Our services also include:

  • Participant benefit (amount) calculations and certifications for participants eligible for retirement or terminated vested payouts.
  • Preparation and processing of distribution/payment election forms and related notices for retired or terminated participants (the plan trustee or custodian writes the checks for participant benefit payments).
  • Participant benefit statements, when requested.

When requested, we also prepare the Plan Document, Amendments and Summary Plan Description.